1.  35
    The Self and Its Brain.K. T. Maslin - 1979 - Philosophical Quarterly 29 (117):370.
  2. An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind.K. T. Maslin - 2001 - Blackwell.
    An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind provides a lively and accessible introduction to all the main themes and arguments currently being debated in this area. The book examines and criticizes four major theories of mind: Dualism, Mind/Brain Identity, Behaviourism and Functionalism. It argues that while consciousness and our mental lives depend upon physical processes in the brain, they are not reducible to those processes. The differences between mental and physical states, mind/body causality, the problem of other minds, and personal (...)
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    David Hume, 'of Miracles'.K. T. Maslin - 1995 - Cogito 9 (1):83-89.
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    David Hume, ‘Of Miracles’.K. T. Maslin - 1995 - Cogito 9 (1):83-89.