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    Philosophy of Education in a New Key: Snapshot 2020 From the United States and Canada.Liz Jackson, Kal Alston, Lauren Bialystok, Larry Blum, Nicholas C. Burbules, Ann Chinnery, David T. Hansen, Kathy Hytten, Cris Mayo, Trevor Norris, Sarah M. Stitzlein, Winston C. Thompson, Leonard Waks, Michael A. Peters & Marek Tesar - forthcoming - Educational Philosophy and Theory:1-17.
    This article shares reflections from members of the community of philosophers of education in the United States and Canada who were invited to express their insights in response to the theme ‘Snaps...
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    Re/Thinking Critical Thinking: The Seductions of Everyday Life.Kal Alston - 2001 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 20 (1):27-40.
    The way that critical thinking has been framed as aneducational objective has led, on the one hand, to itssuccessful saturation of educational discourse and, onthe other, to an equation of critical thinking withdemonstrable rhetorical skills. This essay suggeststhat both critical thinking and obstacles tosuccessful critical thinking are most commonly foundin the activities of everyday life. Humans deploycritical thinking in expressions of socialimagination, illuminations of our selves andrelationship, and in ethical choices and publicengagements. By reframing critical thinking,educators may find ways to (...)
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    Begging the Question: Is Critical Thinking Biased?Kal Alston - 1995 - Educational Theory 45 (2):225-233.
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    Teaching, Philosophy, and Eros: Love as a Relation to Truth.Kal Alston - 1991 - Educational Theory 41 (4):385-395.
  5. Difference, Identity, and" Otherness" in a Multicultural World.Kal Alston - 1995 - In Wendy Kohli (ed.), Critical Conversations in Philosophy of Education. Routledge. pp. 278.
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    Indigeneity, Posthumanism, and Education.Kal Alston - 2019 - Educational Theory 69 (5):581-585.
  7. Race Consciousness and the Philosophy of Education.Kal Alston - forthcoming - Philosophy of Education.
  8. White on White/Black on Black.George Yancey, Cornel West, Kal Alston, Molefi Kete Asante, Bettina G. Bergo, Robert Bernasconi, Janine Jones, Chris Cuomo, Clarence Sholé Johnson, John H. Mcclendon Iii, Greg Moses, Monique Roelofs, Crispin Sartwell & Anna Stubblefield - 2005 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    White on White/Black on Black is a unique contribution to the philosophy of race. The text explores how 14 philosophers, 7 white and 7 black, philosophically understand the dynamics of the process of racialization.
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