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    Kam-por Yu, Julia Tao & Philip J. Ivanhoe (eds.) (2010). Taking Confucian Ethics Seriously: Contemporary Theories and Applications. SUNY.
    A consideration of Confucian ethics as a living ethical tradition with contemporary relevance.
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    Kam-por Yu (2010). Confucian Views on War as Seen in the Gongyang Commentary on the Spring and Autumn Annals. Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 9 (1):97-111.
    This essay explores Confucian views on war as seen in the Spring and Autumn Annals . The interpretation is based mainly on the Gongyang Zhuan , supplemented by other authoritative sources in the Gongyang tradition, such as D ong Zhongshu (179-104 BCE) and H e Xiu (129-182). The Spring and Autumn Annals contains three components: facts, words, and principles. This essay explicates the principles for going to war and the principles for conducting a war. The Confucian perspective sheds light on (...)
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  3. Julia Tao, Philip J. Ivanhoe & Kam-por Yu (eds.), Taking Confucian Ethics Seriously: Contemporary Theories and Applications. SUNY Press.
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  4. Kam-Por Yu (2015). The Confucian Alternative to the Individual-Oriented Model of Informed Consent: Family and Beyond. In Ruiping Fan (ed.), Family-Oriented Informed Consent. Springer Verlag.
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