Karánn Durland [5]Karann Beth Durland [1]
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    The Prospects of a Viable Biocentric Egalitarianism.Karánn Durland - 2008 - Environmental Ethics 30 (4):401-416.
    At a minimum, a satisfactory biocentric egalitarianism must satisfy three constraints: (1) it must demand enough to deserve the name biocentric; (2) it must not require so much that it makes a worthwhile or at least a recognizably human life impossible; and (3) it must not be incoherent or internally inconsistent. Neither rule-based forms of biocentric egalitarianism nor virtue theory versions meet all three requirements. The rule-based accounts that Paul Taylor and James Sterba introduce contain serious defects, and many of (...)
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    Ten Problems of Consciousness: A Representational Theory of the Phenomenal Mind.Karánn Durland - 1998 - Review of Metaphysics 52 (1):184-185.
    The ten problems referred to by the title of this book are ownership, perspectival subjectivity, mechanism, phenomenal causation, super blindsight, duplicates, the inverted spectrum, transparency, felt location and phenomenal vocabulary, and the alien limb. Tye uses the problems both to approach a paradox that he argues must be solved for the phenomenal mind to be understood adequately and to advance a theory of the mind that is supposed to solve the paradox. The first part of the book sketches an account (...)
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    A Few Questions About Angela Coventry's Hume's Theory of Causation: A Quasi-Realist Interpretation.Karánn Durland - 2009 - Manuscrito 32 (2):495-500.
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