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    A History of God: The 4000 Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.Karen Armstrong - 1993 - Gramercy Books.
    Over 700,000 copies of the original hardcover and paperback editions of this stunningly popular book have been sold. Karen Armstrong's superbly readable exploration of how the three dominant monotheistic religions of the world—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—have shaped and altered the conception of God is a tour de force. One of Britain's foremost commentators on religious affairs, Armstrong traces the history of how men and women have perceived and experienced God, from the time of Abraham to the present. From classical philosophy (...)
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  2. The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions.Karen Armstrong - 2006 - Knopf.
    In the ninth century BCE, the peoples of four distinct regions of the civilized world created the religious and philosophical traditions that have continued to nourish humanity to the present day: Confucianism and Daoism in China, Hinduism and Buddhism in India, monotheism in Israel, and philosophical rationalism in Greece. Later generations further developed these initial insights, but we have never grown beyond them. Rabbinic Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, for example, were all secondary flowerings of the original Israelite vision. Now, in (...)
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  3. Does God Have a Future?Karen Armstrong - forthcoming - Techne.
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    Evidence for Religious Faith: A Red Herring.Karen Armstrong, A. Bell, J. Swenson-Wright & K. Tybjerg - 2008 - In Andrew Bell, John Swenson-Wright & Karin Tybjerg (eds.), Evidence. Cambridge University Press. pp. 174.