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    Death, Ethical Judgments and Dignity.Katarína Komenská - 2018 - Ethics and Bioethics (in Central Europe) 8 (3-4):201-208.
    In Peter Singer’s article “The Challenge of Brain Death for the Sanctity of Life Ethic”, he articulates that ethics has always played an important role in defining death. He claims that the demand for redefining death spreads rather from new ethical challenges than from a new, scientifically improved understanding of the nature of death. As thorough as his plea for dismissal of the brain-death definition is, he does not avoid the depiction of the complementary relationship between science and ethics. Quite (...)
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    Hugolín Gavlovič on Moral Education: Enlightenment Ideas in Baroque Literature?Katarína Komenská - 2019 - Ethics and Bioethics (in Central Europe) 9 (3-4):139-147.
    The work of Hugolín Gavlovič belongs is part of the most influential literary and didactic heritage of 18th century literature in the region of contemporary Slovakia. Even though Gavlovič was not a systematic moral philosopher, the role and importance of ethics in his literary work is significant. He contributed greatly to the debate on moral education, which was linked to the fulfilment of God's will and to the accomplishment of a good life. In his extensive poetic work Valaská škola mravúv (...)
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