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Katharine McGovern [3]Katharine A. McGovern [3]
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    Does Philosophy Help or Hinder Scientific Work on Consciousness?Bernard J. Baars & Katharine McGovern - 1993 - Consciousness and Cognition 2 (1):18-27.
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    Consciousness Creates Access: Conscious Goal Images Recruit Unconscious Action Routines, but Goal Competition Serves to "Liberate" Such Routines, Causing Predictable Slips.Bernard J. Baars, M. R. Fehling, M. LaPolla & Katharine A. McGovern - 1997 - In Jonathan D. Cohen & Jonathan W. Schooler (eds.), Scientific Approaches to Consciousness. Lawrence Erlbaum.
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    Steps Toward Healing: False Memories and Traumagenic Amnesia May Coexist in Vulnerable Populations.Bernard J. Baars & Katharine McGovern - 1995 - Consciousness and Cognition 4 (1):68-74.
    Child abuse is surely the most agonizing psychological issue of our time. We decry the tendency to polarize around the either-or dichotomy of "recovered versus false memories," when both are likely to occur. Memory researchers seem to generalize from the mild, one-shot stressors of the laboratory to the severe repeated traumas reported by abused populations, an inferential leap that is scientifically dubious. Naturalistic studies show some post-traumatic memory impairment ; dissociativity, such as emotional numbing, detachment, and the like; but also (...)
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    Feelings in the Fringe.Katharine McGovern - 1993 - Consciousness and Cognition 2 (2):119-125.
    The Jamesian notion of fringe consciousness as elaborated by Mangan provides a theoretical motivation for drawing together a diverse class of experiences which are called "feelings" in everyday language. Thus, feelings of knowing and emotional feelings are seen not to differ in kind from each other. Further, both kinds of feelings are seen to reflect the consonance or dissonance of current conscious experience with unconscious contexts and may be used as "handles" to draw unconscious material into consciousness.
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  5. Consciousness Cannot Be Limited to Sensory Qualities: Some Empirical Counterexamples.Bernard J. Baars & Katharine A. McGovern - 2000 - Neuro-Psychoanalysis 2 (1):11-13.