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Katalin Balog
Rutgers University - Newark
  1. Phenomenal Concepts.Kati Balog - 2009 - In Brian McLaughlin, Ansgar Beckermann & Sven Walter (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mind. Oxford University Press.
    This article is about the special, subjective concepts we apply to experience, called “phenomenal concepts”. They are of special interest in a number of ways. First, they refer to phenomenal experiences, and the qualitative character of those experiences whose metaphysical status is hotly debated. Conscious experience strike many philosophers as philosophically problematic and difficult to accommodate within a physicalistic metaphysics. Second, PCs are widely thought to be special and unique among concepts. The sense that there is something special about PCs (...)
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    Comments on David Rosenthal's “Consciousness, Content, and Metacognitive Judgments”.Kati Balog - 2000 - Consciousness and Cognition 9 (2):215-219.
  3. New Conceivability Arguments or Revenge of the Zombies.Kati Balog - forthcoming - Philosophical Review.
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  4. Alkire, MT, 370.Laurent Auclair, Jodie A. Baird, Kati Balog, Iris R. Bell, Marcia Bernstein, John Bickle, Steven Ravett Brown, Peter Cariani, Wallace Chafe & Ziya V. Dikman - 2000 - Consciousness and Cognition 9:639.
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