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    Dreams as a Source of Supernatural Agent Concepts.Patrick McNamara & Kelly Bulkeley - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Seeking Patterns in Dream Content: A Systematic Approach to Word Searches.Kelly Bulkeley - 2009 - Consciousness and Cognition 18 (4):905-916.
    This paper systematizes the word search potential of DreamBank.net by formulating and testing a set of word strings that can be used as default analytic categories in future investigations. The word strings are applied to the 981 dream reports of college students gathered by Hall and Van de Castle and the 136 dream reports of an 80-year old male gathered by Bulkeley . The results show a basic compatibility with the frequencies identified by Hall and Van de Castle’s labor-intensive method (...)
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  3. Big Dreams: The Science of Dreaming and the Origins of Religion.Kelly Bulkeley - 2016 - Oxford University Press USA.
    Big dreams are rare but highly memorable dream experiences that make a strong and lasting impact on the dreamer's waking awareness. Moving far beyond "I forgot to study and the finals are today" and other common scenarios, such dreams can include vivid imagery, intense emotions, fantastic characters, and an uncanny sense of being connected to forces beyond one's ordinary dreaming mind. In Big Dreams, Kelly Bulkeley provides the first full-scale cognitive scientific analysis of such dreams, putting forth an original theory (...)
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    Digital Dream Analysis: A Revised Method.Kelly Bulkeley - 2014 - Consciousness and Cognition 29:159-170.
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    The Impact of September 11 on Dreaming☆.Kelly Bulkeley & Tracey L. Kahan - 2008 - Consciousness and Cognition 17 (4):1248-1256.
    This study focuses on a set of dreams related to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and their aftermath, using content analysis and cognitive psychology to explore the interweaving of external public catastrophe and internal psychological processes. The study tests several recent claims in contemporary dream research, including the central image theory of Hartmann [Hartmann, E., & Basile, R. . Dream imagery becomes more intense after 9/11/01. Dreaming, 13, 61–66; Hartmann, E., & Brezler, T. . A systematic change in dreams (...)
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    Future Research in Cognitive Science and Religion.Kelly Bulkeley - 2004 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 27 (6):733-734.
    From a religious studies perspective, Atran & Norenzayan (A&N) succeed in arguing for the influence of evolved cognitive functions in religious phenomena. To develop their argument further, four suggestions are offered: (1) Look beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary; (2) culture matters more than ever; (3) theists need not despair, atheists ought not celebrate; and (4) dreaming is a primal wellspring of religion.
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  7. Sacred Sleep: Scientific Contributions to the Study of Religiously Significant Dreaming.Kelly Bulkeley - 2007 - In D. Barrett & P. McNamara (eds.), The New Science of Dreaming. Praeger Publishers. pp. 3--71.
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    Dreams: A Reader on Religious, Cultural, and Psychological Dimensions of Dreaming.Kelly Bulkeley (ed.) - 2001 - Palgrave.
    "Dreams" is a long overdue collection of writing on dreams from many of the top scholars in religious studies, anthropology, and psychology departments.
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    Dreaming as a Spiritual Practice.Kelly Bulkeley - 1996 - Anthropology of Consciousness 7 (2):1-15.