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Kevin C. de Berg [13]Kevin Charles de Berg [1]
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    Tin Oxide Chemistry From Macquer (1758) to Mendeleeff (1891) as Revealed in the Textbooks and Other Literature of the Era.Kevin C. de Berg - 2008 - Science & Education 17 (2-3):265-287.
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    The Kinetic-Molecular and Thermodynamic Approaches to Osmotic Pressure: A Study of Dispute in Physical Chemistry and the Implications for Chemistry Education.Kevin C. De Berg - 2006 - Science & Education 15 (5):495-519.
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    Mathematics in Science: The Role of the History of Science in Communicating the Significance of Mathematical Formalism in Science.Kevin C. de Berg - 1992 - Science & Education 1 (1):77-87.
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    The Status of Constructivism in Chemical Education Research and its Relationship to the Teaching and Learning of the Concept of Idealization in Chemistry.Kevin C. de Berg - 2006 - Foundations of Chemistry 8 (2):153-176.
    A review of the chemical education research literature suggests that the term constructivism is used in two ways: experience-based constructivism and discipline-based constructivism. These two perspectives are examined as an epistemology in relation to the teaching and learning of the concept of idealization in chemistry. It is claimed that experience-based constructivism is powerless to inform the origin of such concepts in chemistry and while discipline-based constructivism can admit such theoretical concepts as idealization it does not offer any unique perspectives that (...)
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    The Development of the Concept of Work: A Case Where History Can Inform Pedagogy.Kevin C. De Berg - 1997 - Science & Education 6 (5):511-527.
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    Revisiting the Pressure-Volume Law in History-What Can It Teach Us About the Emergence of Mathematical Relationships in Science?Kevin C. de Berg - 1995 - Science & Education 4 (1):47-64.
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    The Emergence of Quantification in the Pressure–Volume Relationship for Gases: A Textbook Analysis.Kevin C. de Berg - 1989 - Science Education 73 (2):115-134.
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    The Development of the Theory of Electrolytic Dissociation.Kevin C. De Berg - 2003 - Science & Education 12 (4):397-419.
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    Eric R. Scerri, The Periodic Table—Its Story and its Significance.Kevin C. de Berg - 2008 - Science & Education 17 (4):457-465.
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    Foundations of and Challenges to Electrolyte Chemistry.Kevin Charles de Berg - 2015 - Foundations of Chemistry 17 (1):33-48.
    Mathematics is so common-place in modern physics and chemistry that one may not realise how controversial its admittance was to these fields in the eightieth and ninetieth centuries respectively. This paper deals with the controversy during the formation of physical chemistry as a discipline in the late ninetieth and early twentieth centuries and sketches more recent criticisms of the way mathematics has been used in solution chemistry. The controversy initially related particularly to electrolyte chemistry and its emerging use of mathematics (...)
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