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Kevin Gary Behrens
University of Johannesburg (PhD)
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    Towards an Indigenous African Bioethics.Kevin Gary Behrens - 2013 - South African Journal of Bioethics and Law 6 (1):30.
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    An African Relational Environmentalism and Moral Considerability.Kevin Gary Behrens - 2014 - Environmental Ethics 36 (1):63-82.
    There is a pervasive presumption that African thought is inherently anthropocentric and has little to contribute to environmental ethics. Against this view, a promising African environmentalism can be be found in a belief in a fundamental interrelatedness between natural objects. What establishes moral considerability on this African view is that entities are part of the interconnected web of life. This position accords moral standing to all living things, groups of living things, as well as inanimate natural entities. This view is (...)
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    Moral Obligations Towards Future Generations in African Thought.Kevin Gary Behrens - 2012 - Journal of Global Ethics 8 (2-3):179-191.
    Given the importance of being able to account for moral obligations towards future generations, especially in the light of the problem of global climate change, I argue that there are under-appreciated notions in African thought that are able to significantly contribute to the on-going discourse with respect to inter-generational moral obligations. I identify two related African notions, both springing from the prominent belief that ancestors who have died ? but continue to have a presence ? are entitled to respect, which (...)
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    Great Expectations: Teaching Ethics to Medical Students in South Africa.Kevin Gary Behrens & Robyn Fellingham - 2014 - Developing World Bioethics 14 (3):142-149.
    Many academic philosophers and ethicists are appointed to teach ethics to medical students. We explore exactly what this task entails. In South Africa the Health Professions Council's curriculum for training medical practitioners requires not only that students be taught to apply ethical theory to issues and be made aware of the legal and regulatory requirements of their profession, it also expects moral formation and the inculcation of professional virtue in students. We explore whether such expectations are reasonable. We defend the (...)
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  5. Traditional Male Circumcision: Balancing Cultural Rights and the Prevention of Serious, Avoidable Harm.Kevin Gary Behrens - 2014 - South African Journal of Medical Ethics 104 (1).
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    Why Physicians Ought Not to Perform Virginity Tests.Kevin Gary Behrens - 2015 - Journal of Medical Ethics 41 (8):691-695.
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