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Kevin J. Corcoran [7]Kevin Joseph Corcoran [2]
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    Persons, Bodies, and the Constitution Relation.Kevin Joseph Corcoran - 1999 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 37 (1):1-20.
  2. Physical persons and postmortem survival without temporal gaps.Kevin J. Corcoran - 2001 - In Kevin Corcoran (ed.), Soul, body, and survival: essays on the metaphysics of human persons. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.
  3. The trouble with Searle's biological naturalism.Kevin J. Corcoran - 2001 - Erkenntnis 55 (3):307-324.
    John Searle's The Rediscovery of the Min is a sustained attempt to locate the mind and the mental firmly in the realm of the physical. Consciousness ,claims Searle, is just an ordinary biological feature of the world ... More specifically,``[t]he mental state of consciousness is just an ordinary biological, that is, physical featureof the brain''. Searle is adamant: ``Consciousness,to repeat, is a natural biological phenomenon''.
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  4. Persons and Bodies.Kevin J. Corcoran - 1998 - Faith and Philosophy 15 (3):324-340.
    Defenders of a priori arguments for dualism assume that the Cartesian thesis that possibly, I exist but no bodies exist and the physicalist thesis that I am identical with my body, are logically inconsistent. Trenton Merricks offers an argument for the compatibility of those theses. In this paper I examine several objections to Merricks’ argument. I show that none is ultimately persuasive. Nevertheless I claim that Merricks’ argument should not be accepted. I next propose a view of persons that is (...)
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  5. Dualism, materialism, and the problem of postmortem survival.Kevin J. Corcoran - 2009 - In Kevin Timpe (ed.), Arguing about religion. New York: Routledge. pp. 437.
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    Dualism, Materialism, and the Problem of Postmortem Survival.Kevin J. Corcoran - 2002 - Philosophia Christi 4 (2):411-425.
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    Biology or Psychology? Human Persons and Personal Identity.Kevin J. Corcoran - 2003 - In Klaus Petrus (ed.), On Human Persons. Heusenstamm Nr Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag. pp. 67-88.
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    Biology or Psychology? Human Persons and Personal Identity.Kevin J. Corcoran - 2006 - In Alfred North Whitehead (ed.), La Science Et le Monde Moderne. De Gruyter. pp. 67-88.
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  9. Persons and Bodies: The Metaphysics of Human Persons.Kevin Joseph Corcoran - 1997 - Dissertation, Purdue University
    What is a human person? Two general accounts have been offered in answer to this question. According to the one, human persons are immaterial minds or souls. According to the other, human persons are identical with the material bodies that constitute them. Both accounts have serious problems. In this dissertation I present a position that is not a version of any of the currently fashionable or unfashionable "isms"--Cartesian dualism, reductive materialism or property dualism. Taking my lead from recent work on (...)
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