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Kevin R. Busch
Davidson College
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    Hume's Alleged Lapse on the Causal Maxim.Kevin R. Busch - 2016 - Hume Studies 42 (1/2):89-112.
    In his account of our belief in the Causal Maxim Hume argued, among other things, that it is not absolutely necessary for any event to be caused. Harold Noonan attempts an objection to Hume’s argument: in showing (i) the absolute possibility for any event to exist without its actual cause, Hume would not thereby show (ii) the absolute possibility for any event to exist uncaused. For this objection to succeed, Noonan needs two further assumptions: first, that Hume indeed could not (...)
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  2.  61
    Reason, Induction, and the Humean Objection to Kant.Kevin R. Busch - 2015 - Kant Yearbook 7 (1):23-45.
    While Kant does not address the problem of induction often attributed to Hume, he does, by way of a transcendental deduction of an a priori principle of reflecting empirical judgment, address a distinct problem Hume raises indirectly. This problem is that induction cannot be justified so long as it presupposes some empirical concept applying to or some empirical principle true of more than one object in nature, a presupposition neither determined by nor founded on reason. I draw on Hume’s positive (...)
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    Alan Bailey and Dan O'Brien , The Continuum Companion to Hume, London: Bloomsbury, 2015, 447 Pp., £24.99 , ISBN 9781474243933. [REVIEW]Kevin R. Busch - 2017 - Dialectica 71 (1):124-140.