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    The Future of Education: Reimagining Our Schools From the Ground Up.Kieran Egan - 2008 - Yale University Press.
    This engaging book presents a frontal attack on current forms of schooling and a radical rethinking of the whole education process.
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    Values and Imagination in Teaching: With a Special Focus on Social Studies.Kieran Egan & Gillian Judson - 2009 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 41 (2):126-140.
    Both local and global issues are typically dealt with in the Social Studies curriculum, or in curriculum areas with other names but similar intents. In the literature about Social Studies the imagination has played little role, and consequently it hardly appears in texts designed to help teachers plan and implement Social Studies lessons. What is true of Social Studies is also largely reflected in general texts concerning planning teaching. Clearly many theorists and practitioners are concerned to engage students' imaginations in (...)
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    Education and Psychology: Plato, Piaget and Scientific Psychology.Kieran Egan - 1983 - Teachers College Press, Columbia University.
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    Education and Psychology: Plato, Piaget and Scientific Psychology.D. W. Hamlyn & Kieran Egan - 1986 - British Journal of Educational Studies 34 (1):113.
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    Towards a Theory of Educational Development.Kieran Egan - 1979 - Educational Philosophy and Theory 11 (2):17–36.
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    Development in Education.Kieran Egan - 1984 - Journal of Philosophy of Education 18 (2):187–194.
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    Perceptions of History. An Analysis of School Textbooks.Kieran Egan, Volker R. Berghahn & Hanna Schissler - 1989 - History and Theory 28 (3):366.
  8. A Reply to Forrest and Daniels.Kieran Egan - 1998 - Paideusis: Journal of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society 12:65.
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  9. Cultivating Curious and Creative Minds: The Role of Teachers and Teacher Educators, Part Ii.Terrell M. Peace, Donald S. Blumenfeld-Jones, Anne Chodakowski, Julia Cote, Cheryl J. Craig, Joyce M. Dutcher, Kieran Egan, Ginny Esch, Sharon Friesen, Brenda Gladstone, David Jardine, Kathryn L. Jenkins, Gillian C. Judson, Dixie K. Keyes, Beverly J. Klug, Chris Lasher-Zwerling, Teresa Leavitt, Shaun Murphy, Jacqueline Sack, Kym Stewart, Madalina Tanase, Kip Téllez, Sandra Wasko-Flood & Patricia T. Whitfield - 2011 - R&L Education.
    Presents a plethora of approaches to developing human potential in areas not conventionally addressed. Organized in two parts, this international collection of essays provides viable educational alternatives to those currently holding sway in an era of high-stakes accountability.
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    Ethics and Educational Policy.Kenneth A. Strike & Kieran Egan (eds.) - 1978 - Routledge and Kegan Paul.
    Ambiguities in liberal 1 education and the problem of its content RSPeters INTRODUCTION If one was mounting a defence of certain distinctive values in ...
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