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    Asclepius Against the Crucified: Medical Nihilism and Incarnational Life in Death.Kimbell Kornu - 2017 - Christian Bioethics 23 (1):38-59.
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    Enchanted Nature, Dissected Nature: The Case of Galen’s Anatomical Theology.Kimbell Kornu - 2018 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 39 (6):453-471.
    Through the historical portrait of Galen, I argue that even an enchanted nature does not prevent the performance of violence against nature. Galen, the great physician-philosopher of antiquity, is best known for his systematization and innovation of the Hippocratic medical tradition, whose thought was the reigning medical orthodoxy from the medieval period into the Renaissance. His works on anatomy were the standard that Vesalius’ works on anatomy overturned. What is less known about Galen’s study of anatomy, however, is its philosophical (...)
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    Medical Ersatz Liturgies of Death: Anatomical Dissection and Organ Donation as Biopolitical Practices.Kimbell Kornu - forthcoming - Heythrop Journal.
    The academic medical center provides a dramatic space for liturgies through various enactments of death and dying. I argue that anatomical dissection and organ transplantation are ersatz liturgies of death that parody the Eucharist – ‘this is my body given for you’ – and perpetuate a biopolitics of the sovereign subject. To this end, I employ two differing yet complementary conceptions of liturgy: James Smith’s concept of cultural liturgies and Giorgio Agamben’s notion of Christian liturgy as the paradigm for modernity’s (...)
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