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  1. Melting Lizards and Crying Mailboxes: Children's Preferential Recall of Minimally Counterintuitive Concepts.Konika Banerjee, Omar S. Haque & Elizabeth S. Spelke - 2013 - Cognitive Science 37 (7):1251-1289.
    Previous research with adults suggests that a catalog of minimally counterintuitive concepts, which underlies supernatural or religious concepts, may constitute a cognitive optimum and is therefore cognitively encoded and culturally transmitted more successfully than either entirely intuitive concepts or maximally counterintuitive concepts. This study examines whether children's concept recall similarly is sensitive to the degree of conceptual counterintuitiveness (operationalized as a concept's number of ontological domain violations) for items presented in the context of a fictional narrative. Seven- to nine-year-old children (...)
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    Why Did This Happen to Me? Religious Believers’ and Non-Believers’ Teleological Reasoning About Life Events.Konika Banerjee & Paul Bloom - 2014 - Cognition 133 (1):277-303.
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    Would Tarzan Believe in God? Conditions for the Emergence of Religious Belief.Konika Banerjee & Paul Bloom - 2013 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 17 (1):7-8.
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    Intuitive Moral Judgments Are Robust Across Variation in Gender, Education, Politics and Religion: A Large-Scale Web-Based Study.Konika Banerjee, Bryce Huebner & Marc Hauser - 2010 - Journal of Cognition and Culture 10 (3-4):253-281.
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    The Prosocial Benefits of Seeing Purpose in Life Events: A Case of Cultural Selection in Action?Konika Banerjee - 2016 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 39.
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