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    Introduction.Sebastian Olma & Kostas Koukouzelis - 2007 - Theory, Culture and Society 24 (6):1-17.
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    Liberal Internationalism and Global Social Justice.Kostas Koukouzelis - 2009 - Journal of Global Ethics 5 (2):97-108.
    Theories of global justice have moved from issues relating to crimes against humanity and war crimes or, furthermore, ?negative duties? with respect to non-citizens, towards problems of distributive justice and global inequality. Thomas Nagel's Storrs Lectures from 2005, exemplifying Rawlsian internationalism, argue that liberal requirements concerning duties of distributive justice apply exclusively within a single nation-state, and do not extend to duties of this nature between rich and poor countries. Nagel even argues that the demand for global equality is not (...)
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  3. Howard Williams, Kant's Critique of Hobbes: Sovereignty and Cosmopolitanism Reviewed By.Kostas Koukouzelis - 2004 - Philosophy in Review 24 (4):305-307.
  4. James Bohman, Democracy Across Borders: From Demos to Demoi. [REVIEW]Kostas Koukouzelis - 2008 - Philosophy in Review 28 (6):391-393.
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    Lea Ypi , Global Justice & Avant-Garde Political Agency . Reviewed By.Kostas Koukouzelis - 2014 - Philosophy in Review 34 (1-2):24-26.
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    Rawls and Kant on the Public Use of Reason.Kostas Koukouzelis - 2009 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 35 (7):841-868.
    The article addresses the debate that has arisen in the wake of John Rawls’ political theory, in particular his concept of the ‘use of public reason’. Such a concept is crucial because it involves all his fundamental presuppositions about reason, publicity, legitimacy and the liberal subject that sustain his theory of justice. In this article we will mainly doubt Rawls’ Kantian origins in favour of Kant’s own thinking about reason and publicity. Initially then, we will critically present an account of (...)
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    Sustainable Development, Liberty, and Global Social Justice1.Kostas Koukouzelis - 2012 - Public Reason 4 (1-2):165-81.
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    Symbolic Representation in Kant’s Practical Philosophy. [REVIEW]Kostas Koukouzelis - 2005 - Dialogue 44 (4):802-805.