1. The Time Machine in Our Mind.Kurt Stocker - 2012 - Cognitive Science 36 (3):385-420.
    This article provides the first comprehensive conceptual account for the imagistic mental machinery that allows us to travel through time—for the time machine in our mind. It is argued that language reveals this imagistic machine and how we use it. Findings from a range of cognitive fields are theoretically unified and a recent proposal about spatialized mental time travel is elaborated on. The following novel distinctions are offered: external versus internal viewing of time; ‘‘watching” time versus projective ‘‘travel” through time; (...)
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    Eye movements during mental time travel follow a diagonal line.Matthias Hartmann, Corinna S. Martarelli, Fred W. Mast & Kurt Stocker - 2014 - Consciousness and Cognition 30:201-209.
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    Eye Movements Reveal Mental Looking Through Time.Kurt Stocker, Matthias Hartmann, Corinna S. Martarelli & Fred W. Mast - 2016 - Cognitive Science 40 (7):1648-1670.
    People often make use of a spatial “mental time line” to represent events in time. We investigated whether the eyes follow such a mental time line during online language comprehension of sentences that refer to the past, present, and future. Participants' eye movements were measured on a blank screen while they listened to these sentences. Saccade direction revealed that the future is mapped higher up in space than the past. Moreover, fewer saccades were made when two events are simultaneously taking (...)
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    Mental perspectives during temporal experience in posttraumatic stress disorder.Kurt Stocker - 2020 - Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 19 (2):321-334.
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    The Theory of Cognitive Spacetime.Kurt Stocker - 2014 - Metaphor and Symbol 29 (2):71-93.
  6.  22
    A standard conceptual framework for the study of subjective time.Sven Thönes & Kurt Stocker - 2019 - Consciousness and Cognition 71:114-122.
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    How we conceptualize climate change: Revealing the force-dynamic structure underlying stock-flow reasoning.Kurt Stocker & Joachim Funke - 2019 - Journal of Dynamic Decision Making 5 (1):1-1.
    How people understand the fundamental dynamics of stock and flow is an important basic theoretical question with many practical applications. In this paper, we present a universal frame for understanding stock-flow reasoning in terms of the theory of force dynamics. This deep-level analysis is then applied to two different presentation formats of SF tasks in the context of climate change. We can explain why in a coordinate-graphic presentation misunderstandings occur, whereas in a verbal presentation a better understanding is found. We (...)
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