1. Must Values Have Subjective Existence?Kurt Torell - 2004 - Kriterion - Journal of Philosophy 18:25-31.
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    Rock and Roll, Social Protest, and Authenticity: Historical, Philosophical, and Cultural Explorations.Kurt Torell - 2021 - Lexington Books.
    This book investigates the relation of rock and roll to social protest music and authenticity. It examines the nature and commercial origins of rock and roll, why rock and roll was frequently considered subversive, and the nature and significance of authenticity to rock and roll as social protest music.
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  3. Book Reviews: Harry P. Reeder: 'The Theory and Practice of Husserl’s Phenomenology'. Rudolf A. Makkreel and John Scanlon (Eds.): 'Dilthey and Phenomenology'. Edmund Husserl: 'Logische Untersuchungen. Zweiter Band: Untersuchungen Zur Phanomenologie Und Theorie der Erkenntnis'. [REVIEW]Charles W. Harvey, D. Lohmar & Kurt Torell - 1988 - Husserl Studies 5 (3).
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    Power, Liberty, and Counterfactual Conditionals in Hobbes' Thought.Ronald Polansky & Kurt Torell - 1990 - Hobbes Studies 3 (1):3-17.
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    Socrates Meets Two Coyotes.Kurt Torell & Alan G. Marshall - 2000 - Journal of Philosophical Research 25:459-469.
    In this paper, we compare one Nez Perce myth, namely lepuu ’Iceyeeye, or “Two Coyotes,” to some passages from Plato’s dialogues. Our point is to show how “Two Coyotes,” like Plato’s dialogues, serves as an instrument of philosophical reflection by engaging the listener/reader in aporia and paradox that motivate multiple reflections on the One, the Many, the nature and relation of kinds to instances, and thus the process and meaning of naming. If we are correct about the uses of “Two (...)
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    Moral Action—A Phenomenological Study, by Robert Sokolowski.Kurt Torell - 1989 - Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 20 (1):96-97.
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    How Frankfurt Style Counter-Examples Presuppose Alternative Possibilities.Kurt Torell - 2001 - Southwest Philosophy Review 17 (2):109-116.