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    Ethical concerns on sharing genomic data including patients’ family members.Kyoko Takashima, Yuichi Maru, Seiichi Mori, Hiroyuki Mano, Tetsuo Noda & Kaori Muto - 2018 - BMC Medical Ethics 19 (1):61.
    Platforms for sharing genomic and phenotype data have been developed to promote genomic research, while maximizing the utility of existing datasets and minimizing the burden on participants. The value of genomic analysis of trios or family members has increased, especially in rare diseases and cancers. This article aims to argue the necessity of protection when sharing data from both patients and family members. Sharing patients’ and family members’ data collectively raises an ethical tension between the value of datasets and the (...)
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    Public Attitudes toward COVID-19 Vaccinations before Dawn in Japan: Ethics and Future Perspectives.Haruka Nakada, Kyoko Takashima, Yuichi Maru, Tsunakuni Ikka, Koichiro Yuji, Sachie Yoshida & Kenji Matsui - 2022 - Asian Bioethics Review 14 (3):287-302.
    Improving public understanding and acceptance are critical for promoting coronavirus vaccination. However, how to promote COVID-19 vaccine programs remains controversial due to various ethical issues. This study, thus, aimed to survey the acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines among Japanese citizens and discuss relevant ethical issues. A cross-sectional survey was conducted via an online platform. An anonymous, quantitative, self-administered online questionnaire was sent to 6965 registered Japanese residents, which included questions regarding the respondent’s general knowledge, experience, and opinions of vaccines, vaccine development, (...)
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    Is the Mother’s Decision to Opt for Artificial Womb Technology Always “Supererogatory”?Kyoko Takashima, Tomohide Ibuki & Keiichiro Yamamoto - 2023 - American Journal of Bioethics 23 (5):119-121.
    In their comprehensive review article, De Bie et al., using some references, discreetly point out that pregnant women’s decision in Domain III to undergo fetal extraction via C-section should conti...
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