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    What Would a Bourdieuan Sociology of Scientific Truth Look Like?Kyung-Man Kim - 2009 - Social Science Information 48 (1):57-79.
    In his last lecture delivered at the Collège de France, Pierre Bourdieu criticizes relativist sociology of science for failing to capture the truly social logic of scientific practice and asserts that his argument of 30 years ago can still work as a corrective to the relativist sociology of science. However, Bourdieu's critics concur that his field theory of science is not only theoretically defunct but also empirically deficient. In this article, I do two things. First, after showing why, in Bourdieu's (...)
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  2. Habermas on Understanding: Virtual Participation, Dialogue and the Universality of Truth. [REVIEW]Kyung-Man Kim - 2011 - Human Studies 34 (4):393-406.
    Although the success of Habermas’s theory of communicative action depends on his dialogical model of understanding in which a theorist is supposed to participate in the debate with the actors as a ‘virtual participant’ and seek context-transcendent truth through the exchange of speech acts, current literature on the theory of communicative action rarely touches on the difficulties it entails. In the first part of this paper, I will examine Habermas’s argument that understanding other cultural practices requires the interpreter to virtually (...)
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    Beyond Justification: Habermas, Rorty and the Politics of Cultural Change.Kyung-Man Kim - 2014 - Theory, Culture and Society 31 (6):103-123.
    Although Jürgen Habermas and Richard Rorty both reject the traditional picture of cultural change in which intellectuals are supposed to have the ‘last word’ on cultural issues and envisage cultural changes as the result of ‘dialogue’ or ‘conversation’ between them and the lay public, they nevertheless end up espousing different pictures of cultural change because of their totally different conception of the role and function of language, truth and rationality in such dialogue. In the first two sections of this article, (...)
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    Social Performance as Cultural Critique: Critical Theory Beyond Bourdieu and Habermas.Kyung-Man Kim - 2018 - Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour 48 (4):455-474.
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    The Role of the Natural World in the Theory Choice of Scientists.Kyung-Man Kim - 1992 - Social Science Information 31 (3):445-464.
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    Hierarchy of Scientific Consensus and the Flow of Dissensus Over Time.Kyung-Man Kim - 1996 - Philosophy of the Social Sciences 26 (1):3-25.
    During the last few years, several sociological accounts of scientific consensus appeared in which a radically skeptical view of cognitive consensus in science was advocated. Challenging the traditional realist conception of scientific consensus as a sui generis social fact, the radical skeptics claim to have shown that the traditional historical sociologist's supposedly definitive account of scientific consensus is only a linguistic chimera that easily can be deconstructed by the application of different interpretive schema to the given data. I will argue (...)
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