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    Conceptual Metaphors of Affect.L. Elizabeth Crawford - 2009 - Emotion Review 1 (2):129-139.
    Emotional experiences are often described in metaphoric language. A major question in linguistics and cognitive science is whether such metaphoric linguistic expressions reflect a deeper principle of cognition. Are abstract concepts structured by the embodied, sensorimotor domains that we use to describe them? This review presents the argument for conceptual metaphors of affect and summarizes recent findings from empirical studies. These findings show that, consistent with the conceptual metaphor account, the associations between affect and physical domains such as spatial position, (...)
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    Linguistic and non-linguistic spatial categorization.L. Elizabeth Crawford, Terry Regier & Janellen Huttenlocher - 2000 - Cognition 75 (3):209-235.
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    Event valence and spatial metaphors of time.Skye Ochsner Margolies & L. Elizabeth Crawford - 2008 - Cognition and Emotion 22 (7):1401-1414.
    Recent research suggests that people's understanding of the abstract domain of time is dependent on the more concrete domain of space. Boroditsky and Ramscar (2002) found that spatial context influences whether people see themselves as moving through time (ego-moving perspective) or as time moving towards them (time-moving perspective). Based on studies of the embodiment of affective experience, we examined whether affect might also influence which spatial metaphor of time people adopt. The results of Experiments 1 and 2 showed that participants (...)
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    Spatial categories and the estimation of location.Janellen Huttenlocher, Larry V. Hedges, Bryce Corrigan & L. Elizabeth Crawford - 2004 - Cognition 93 (2):75-97.
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  5. Social behavior.L. Elizabeth Crawford, Barbara Luka & John T. Cacioppo - 2002 - In J. Wixted & H. Pashler (eds.), Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology. Wiley.
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