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    An Integrative Model of the Influence of Parental and Peer Support on Consumer Ethical Beliefs: The Mediating Role of Self-Esteem, Power, and Materialism.Elodie Gentina, L. J. Shrum, Tina M. Lowrey, Scott J. Vitell & Gregory M. Rose - 2018 - Journal of Business Ethics 150 (4):1173-1186.
    What causes adolescents to develop consumer’ ethical beliefs? Prior research has largely focused on the negative influence of peers and negative patterns of parent–child interactions to explain risky and unethical consumer behaviors. We take a different perspective by focusing on the positive support of parents and peers in adolescent social development. An integrative model is developed that links parental and peer support with adolescents’ self-worth motives, their materialistic tendencies, and their consumer ethical beliefs. In a study of 984 adolescents, we (...)
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    The Cognitive Processes Underlying Cultivation Effects Are a Function of Whether the Judgments Are on-Line or Memory-Based.L. J. Shrum - 2004 - Communications 29 (3):327-344.
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    Coping with Loneliness Through Materialism: Strategies Matter for Adolescent Development of Unethical Behaviors.Elodie Gentina, L. J. Shrum & Tina M. Lowrey - 2018 - Journal of Business Ethics 152 (1):103-122.
    Engaging in unethical consumption behaviors is an acute societal problem that can have severe consequences for adolescents, and businesses in particular have been accused of making such consumption particularly appealing and accessible. However, the causes of unethical behaviors are not well understood and research on the causes has been mixed. In this research, we investigate the effects of coping strategies for loneliness on adolescents’ adoption of unethical behaviors, a topic that business ethics research has not explored. In a large-scale study (...)
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