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Lynne Rudder Baker
PhD: Vanderbilt University; Last affiliation: University of Massachusetts, Amherst
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    Reply to Oppy's fool.G. B. Matthews & L. R. Baker - 2011 - Analysis 71 (2):303-303.
    Anselm: I agreed that Pegasus is a flying horse according to the stories people tell, the paintings painters paint and so on . That is, Pegasus is a flying horse in the understanding of storytellers, their readers and the artists who depict Pegasus. You asked whether flying is not an unmediated causal power . Well, it could be an unmediated causal power if you or I had it, but not if a being with only mediated powers had it. And so (...)
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    Ontology Down-to-Earth.L. R. Baker - 2015 - The Monist 98 (2):145-155.
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  3. Merricks, Trenton, Objects and Persons.L. R. Baker - 2003 - Australasian Journal of Philosophy 81 (4):597.
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    Autism and 'I'.L. R. Baker - 2015 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 22 (11-12):180-193.
    After summarizing my own views of 'I' and the first-person perspective, I consider a well-known autistic, Temple Grandin, who claims that she thinks only in pictures, not in language. I argue, to the contrary, that Grandin's mental life as she describes it in fact requires language, which, as a writer, she undoubtedly has. Finally, I turn to the question of whether thought as Temple Grandin describes it is independent of language.
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