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Lance Hickey
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
  1. The “brain in a vat” argument.Lance P. Hickey - 2005 - Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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    The chomskian challenge to externalism.Lance P. Hickey - 1999 - International Studies in Philosophy 31 (4):39-51.
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    Fichte's critique of dogmatism: The modern parallel.Lance P. Hickey - 2004 - Philosophical Forum 35 (1):65–80.
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    Kant's concept of the transcendental object.Lance Hickey - 2001 - Manuscrito 24 (1):103-139.
    It is argued that there is a plausible way to read Kant as consistently repudiating a two-worlds picture and upholding a de-reistic view whereby the transcendental object or thing in itself indicates only a pure concept of the understanding whose role is to govern the synthesis of any unified manifold. This reading of Kant liberates him from the well-known textual and philosophical difficulties of the two-worlds view. Furthermore, I argue that this interpretation leads to a strong idealist position as opposed (...)
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