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    Review of The Logic of Gersonides, a Translation of Sefer Ha-Heggesh Ha-Yashar of Rabbi Levi Ben Gershom with Introduction, Commentary, and Analytical Glossary by Charles H. Manekin. New Synthese Historical Library, Vol. 40 , Xii + 341 Pp. ISBN 0-7923-1513-8; Luigi Firpo: Il Processo di Giordano Bruno . Pp. Xxvii + 378. Hardback Only: 44,000 Liras. ISBN 88-8402-135-9.; Anthony Kenny: Descartes. A Study of His Philosophy 256 Pp. 9.99 ISBN 1 85506 236 4; A. John Simmons: The Lockean Theory of Rights , Pp. Ix, 387. £30.00. ISBN 0-691-08630-3; Ross Hutchison: Locke in France 1688-1734. The Voltaire Foundation Pp. 251. 46.00. ISBN 0-7294-0418-8; Thomas Reid: Practical Ethics: Being Lectures and Papers on Natural Religion, Self-Government, Natural Jurisprudence, and the Law of Nations Edited From the Manuscripts with an Introduction and a Commentary by Knud Haakonssen , Pp. Xvi + 556. £40.00. ISBN 0-691-07350-3; The Cambridge Companion to Kant Ed. Paul Guyer , Pp. Xii + 482 £40 Hardback, £12. [REVIEW]Desmond Henry, Hilary Gatti, Laura Benítez & Richard Ashcraft - 1995 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 3 (1):161-207.
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    Meditaciones acerca de la filosofía primera seguidas de objeciones y respuestas.Laura Benítez - 2011 - Dianoia 56 (66):217-221.
    En esta nota crítica (i) se hace una breve descripción de cada uno de los artículos que componen Orayen: de la forma lógica al significado, (ii) se señalan algunas cuestiones que no están claras en ellos o en las réplicas de Orayen y, (iii) en la medida de lo posible, se indica si los autores desarrollan ulteriormente los problemas abordados en sus artículos. The aim of this critical note is threefold: (i) it briefly describes and comments on each of the (...)
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    Newton's Notion of Matter in the 'De Aere Et Aethere'.Laura Benítez - 2006 - Lumen: Selected Proceedings From the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies 25:17.
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  4. Edward Slowick: Cartesian Spacetime: Descartes' Physics and the Relational Theory of Space and Motion.Laura Benitez - 2004 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 12 (1):182-185.
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