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    Offensive Public Speech.Laura Beth Nielsen - 2012 - In Mary Kate McGowan Ishani Maitra (ed.), Speech and Harm: Controversies Over Free Speech.
  2. License to Harass: Law, Hierarchy, and Offensive Public Speech.Laura Beth Nielsen - 2006 - Princeton University Press.
    Offensive street speech--racist and sexist remarks that can make its targets feel both psychologically and physically threatened--is surprisingly common in our society. Many argue that this speech is so detestable that it should be banned under law. But is this an area covered by the First Amendment right to free speech? Or should it be banned?In this elegantly written book, Laura Beth Nielsen pursues the answers by probing the legal consciousness of ordinary citizens. Using a combination of field observations and (...)
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    The Need for Multi-Method Approaches in Empirical Legal Research.Laura Beth Nielsen - 2010 - In Peter Cane & Herbert M. Kritzer (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Empirical Legal Research. Oxford University Press.
    Multi-method research is any research that uses more than one research technique or strategy to study one or several closely related phenomena. This method is described by triangulation. This article examines the multi-method tradition in empirical legal research, defines basic concepts, discusses when and why multi-method research is useful, and how the different actions of research can provide unique approaches to the same questions. It explores examples of projects to demonstrate how research that employs multiple tactics for observing and understanding (...)
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    Consent to Sex: The Liberal Paradigm Reformulated.Arthur L. Stinchcombe & Laura Beth Nielsen - 2009 - Journal of Political Philosophy 17 (1):66-89.
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