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  1. Aging and emotional memory: the forgettable nature of negative images for older adults.Susan Turk Charles, Mara Mather & Laura L. Carstensen - 2003 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 132 (2):310.
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    Integrating cognitive and emotion paradigms to address the paradox of aging.Laura L. Carstensen - 2018 - Cognition and Emotion 33 (1):119-125.
    ABSTRACTThirty years ago, the subfields of emotion and cognition operated relatively independently and the associated science reflected the tacit view that they were distinct constructs. Today, questions about the integration of cognition and emotion are among the most interesting questions in the field. I offer a personal view of the key changes that fuelled this shift over time and describe research from my group that unfolded in parallel and led to the identification of the positivity effect.
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    Emotional experience in the mornings and the evenings: consideration of age differences in specific emotions by time of day.Tammy English & Laura L. Carstensen - 2014 - Frontiers in Psychology 5.
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    Emotion regulation and aging.Susan Turk Charles & Laura L. Carstensen - 2007 - In James J. Gross (ed.), Handbook of Emotion Regulation. Guilford Press.
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