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    Suggestion Overrides the Stroop Effect in Highly Hypnotizable Individuals.Amir Raz, Miguel Moreno-Íñiguez, Laura Martin & Hongtu Zhu - 2007 - Consciousness and Cognition 16 (2):331-338.
    Cognitive scientists distinguish between automatic and controlled mental processes. Automatic processes are either innately involuntary or become automatized through extensive practice. For example, reading words is a purportedly automatic process for proficient readers and the Stroop effect is consequently considered the “gold standard” of automated performance. Although the question of whether it is possible to regain control over an automatic process is mostly unasked, we provide compelling data showing that posthypnotic suggestion reduced and even removed Stroop interference in highly hypnotizable (...)
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    Applying Cases to Solve Ethical Problems: The Significance of Positive and Process-Oriented Reflection.Alison L. Antes, Chase E. Thiel, Laura E. Martin, Cheryl K. Stenmark, Shane Connelly, Lynn D. Devenport & Michael D. Mumford - 2012 - Ethics and Behavior 22 (2):113 - 130.
    This study examined the role of reflection on personal cases for making ethical decisions with regard to new ethical problems. Participants assumed the position of a business manager in a hypothetical organization and solved ethical problems that might be encountered. Prior to making a decision for the business problems, participants reflected on a relevant ethical experience. The findings revealed that application of material garnered from reflection on a personal experience was associated with decisions of higher ethicality. However, whether the case (...)
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    The Influence of Temporal Orientation and Affective Frame on Use of Ethical Decision-Making Strategies.Cheryl K. Stenmark, Laura E. Martin, Lynn D. Devenport, Alison L. Antes, Michael D. Mumford, Shane Connelly & Chase E. Thiel - 2011 - Ethics and Behavior 21 (2):127-146.
    This study examined the role of temporal orientation and affective frame in the execution of ethical decision-making strategies. In reflecting on a past experience or imagining a future experience, participants thought about experiences that they considered either positive or negative. The participants recorded their thinking about that experience by responding to several questions, and their responses were content-analyzed for the use of ethical decision-making strategies. The findings indicated that a future temporal orientation was associated with greater strategy use. Likewise, a (...)
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    Ethics in the Humanities: Findings From Focus Groups. [REVIEW]Cheryl K. Stenmark, Alison L. Antes, Laura E. Martin, Zhanna Bagdasarov, James F. Johnson, Lynn D. Devenport & Michael D. Mumford - 2010 - Journal of Academic Ethics 8 (4):285-300.
    This project examined the ethical issues faced by academics and professionals in the Humanities. We conducted focus groups to gather information about the ethical concerns in these fields and used the qualitative data arising from the discussions to create a taxonomy that represents the structure of ethical issues in the Humanities. A key implication of our findings is that while the focus of ethics research and interventions has been primarily on the sciences and engineering, academics and professionals in other fields (...)
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    An Emerging Research Framework for Studying Informal Learning and Schools.Laura M. W. Martin - 2004 - Science Education 88 (S1):S71 - S82.
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    Protection de L’Eau Et Agriculture : Une Négociation au Long Cours.Florence Hellec, Fabienne Barataud & Laura Martin - 2013 - Natures Sciences Sociétés 21 (2):190-199.
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