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    Becoming Organisms: The Organisation of Development and the Development of Organisation.Laura Nuño de la Rosa - 2010 - History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 32 (2/3).
    Despite the radical importance of embryology in the development of organicism, developmental biology remains philosophically underexplored as a theoretical and empirical resource to clarify the nature of organisms. This paper discusses how embryology can help develop the organisational definition of the organism as a differentiated, functionally integrated, and autonomous system. I distinguish two conceptions of development in the organisational tradition that yield two different conceptions of the organism: the life-history view claims that organisms can be considered as such during their (...)
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    Chances and Propensities in Evo-Devo.Laura Nuño de la Rosa & Cristina Villegas - forthcoming - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.
    While the notion of chance has been central in discussions over the probabilistic nature of natural selection and genetic drift, its role in the production of variants on which populational sampling takes place has received much less philosophical attention. This article discusses the concept of chance in evolution in the light of contemporary work in evo-devo. We distinguish different levels at which randomness and chance can be defined in this context, and argue that recent research on variability and evolvability demands (...)
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    ¿ Fue Darwin El «Newton de la Brizna de Hierba»? La Herencia de Kant En la Teoría Darwinista de la Evolución.Laura Nuño De La Rosa & Arantza Etxeberria - 2010 - Endoxa 24.
  4. The Problem of Form in Molecular Biology.de la Rosa Laura Nuño & Herranz Fernando M. Pérez - 2009 - In González Recio & José Luis (eds.), Philosophical Essays on Physics and Biology. G. Olms.