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  1. Explanation in Two Dimensions: Diagrams and Biological Explanation.Laura Perini - 2005 - Biology and Philosophy 20 (2-3):257-269.
    Molecular biologists and biochemists often use diagrams to present hypotheses. Analysis of diagrams shows that their content can be expressed with linguistic representations. Why do biologists use visual representations instead? One reason is simple comprehensibility: some diagrams present information which is readily understood from the diagram format, but which would not be comprehensible if the same information was expressed linguistically. But often diagrams are used even when concise, comprehensible linguistic alternatives are available. I explain this phenomenon by showing why diagrammatic (...)
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  2. The Truth in Pictures.Laura Perini - 2005 - Philosophy of Science 72 (1):262-285.
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    Visual Representations and Confirmation.Laura Perini - 2005 - Philosophy of Science 72 (5):913-926.
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    Truth-Bearers or Truth-Makers?Laura Perini - 2012 - Spontaneous Generations 6 (1):142-147.
    One way visual representations might function in scientific reasoning is to convey content that is true or false, analogous to making a claim. An alternative way that visual representations might function is as an object that may make statements true or false, but is not itself true or false, analogous to a scientific model. In this paper I evaluate the most recent and extended defense of this latter position and show that the case study involved does not in fact support (...)
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    Image Interpretation: Bridging the Gap From Mechanically Produced Image to Representation.Laura Perini - 2012 - International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 26 (2):153-170.
    There is currently a gap in our understanding of how figures produced by mechanical imaging techniques play evidential roles: several studies based on close examination of scientific practice show that imaging techniques do not yield data whose significance can simply be read off the image. If image-making technology is not a simple matter of nature re-presenting itself to us in a legible way, just how do the images produced provide support for scientific claims? In this article I will first show (...)
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  6. Diagrams in Biology.Laura Perini - 2013 - The Knowledge Engineering Review 28 (3):273-286.
    Biologists depend on visual representations, and their use of diagrams has drawn the attention of philosophers, historians, and sociologists interested in understanding how these images are involved in biological reasoning. These studies, however, proceed from identification of diagrams on the basis of their spare visual appearance, and do not draw on a foundational theory of the nature of diagrams as representations. This approach has limited the extent to which we under- stand how these diagrams are involved in biological reasoning. In (...)
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  7. Form and Function: A Semiotic Analysis of Figures in Biology Textbooks.Laura Perini - 2012 - In Nancy Anderson & Michael Dietrich (eds.), The Educated Eye Visual Culture and Pedagogy in the Life Sciences. pp. 235-254.
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    Anxious Ultimatums: How Anxiety Disorders Affect Socioeconomic Behaviour.Alessandro Grecucci, Cinzia Giorgetta, Paolo Brambilla, Sophia Zuanon, Laura Perini, Matteo Balestrieri, Nicolao Bonini & Alan G. Sanfey - 2013 - Cognition and Emotion 27 (2):230-244.
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    Depiction, Detection, and the Epistemic Value of Photography.Laura Perini - 2012 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 70 (1):151-160.
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    Sequence Matters: Genomic Research and the Gene Concept.Laura Perini - 2011 - Philosophy of Science 78 (5):752-762.
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    Beautiful Evidence. [REVIEW]Laura Perini - 2007 - Isis 98:667-668.
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    Edward R. Tufte.Beautiful Evidence. 213 Pp., Illus., Figs., Index. Cheshire, Conn.: Graphics Press LLC, 2006. $52.Laura Perini - 2007 - Isis 98 (3):667-668.
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  13. Scientific Representation and the Semiotics of Pictures.Laura Perini - 2010 - In P. D. Magnus & Jacob Busch (eds.), New Waves in Philosophy of Science. Palgrave-Macmillan.
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