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    A Natural History of Negation.Laurence R. Horn - 1989 - University of Chicago Press.
    This book offers a unique synthesis of past and current work on the structure, meaning, and use of negation and negative expressions, a topic that has engaged thinkers from Aristotle and the Buddha to Freud and Chomsky. Horn's masterful study melds a review of scholarship in philosophy, psychology, and linguistics with original research, providing a full picture of negation in natural language and thought; this new edition adds a comprehensive preface and bibliography, surveying research since the book's original publication.
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    A Natural History of Negation.Jon Barwise & Laurence R. Horn - 1991 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 56 (3):1103.
  3. A Natural History of Negation.Laurence R. Horn - 1991 - Philosophy and Rhetoric 24 (2):164-168.
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  4. Handbook of Pragmatics.Laurence R. Horn & Gregory Ward (eds.) - 2004 - Blackwell.
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    The Border Wars: A Neo-Gricean Perspective.Laurence R. Horn - manuscript
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    Short-Circuited Implicature: A Negative Contribution. [REVIEW]Laurence R. Horn & Samuel Bayer - 1984 - Linguistics and Philosophy 7 (4):397 - 414.
  7. I Love Me Some Datives: Expressive Meaning, Free Datives, and F-Implicature.Laurence R. Horn - 2013 - In Daniel Gutzmann & Hans-Martin Gärtner (eds.), Beyond Expressives: Explorations in Use-Conditional Meaning. Leiden: Brill. pp. 151-199.
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    Contradiction.Laurence R. Horn - 2008 - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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    A Brief History of Negation.J. L. Speranza & Laurence R. Horn - 2010 - Journal of Applied Logic 8 (3):277-301.
  10. Toward a Fregean Pragmatics: Voraussetzung, Nebengedanke, Andeutung.Laurence R. Horn - 2007 - In Laurence R. Horn & Istvan Kecskes (eds.), Explorations in Pragmatics. Berlin: de Gruyter. pp. 39-69.
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    Ceteris Paribusiness: On the Power of Salient Exceptions.Laurence R. Horn - 2021 - In Fabrizio Macagno & Alessandro Capone (eds.), Inquiries in Philosophical Pragmatics: Issues in Linguistics. Springer. pp. 7-31.
    For over four decades feminist linguists and philosophers of language have addressed the semantic, cognitive, and political factors associated with gender asymmetries in nominal and pronominal choice. The sociolinguistic spotlight has focused on the history, extent, and implications of the prescriptively sanctioned use of man and he for sex-neutral reference—he/man language in Martyna ’s term. Bare singular and simple indefinite man in exemplify this use, while the bare singulars in yield the male-specific meaning exhibited by the man or that man.
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  12. Implying and Inferring.Laurence R. Horn - 2012 - In Keith Allan & Kasia Jaszczolt (eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Pragmatics. Cambridge University Press. pp. 69--86.
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    A Pragmatic Approach to Certain Ambiguities.Laurence R. Horn - 1980 - Linguistics and Philosophy 4 (3):321 - 358.
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    Conventional Wisdom Reconsidered.Laurence R. Horn - 2016 - Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 59 (2):145-162.
    Lepore and Stone seek to replace the rationality-based Gricean picture of coordination between speaker and hearer with one leaning more strongly on the roles of convention and speaker knowledge while doing away with conversational implicature. Focusing on the phenomena of indirect speech acts, asymmetric conjunction, and scalar inferencing, I argue that the case for abandoning implicature as an analytical tool is not ultimately compelling. I seek further to demonstrate the utility of the classical Gricean distinction between what is said and (...)
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    Explorations in Pragmatics: Linguistic, Cognitive, and Intercultural Aspects.Laurence R. Horn & Istvan Kecskes (eds.) - 2007 - de Gruyter.
    Addresses issues that emerged as result of research in pragmatics proper and neighboring fields such as cognitive psychology, philosophy, bilingualism and communication. This book discusses theoretical and empirical work in these paradigms which directed attention to questions that warrant reexamination and revision of some tenets of the field.
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