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    Compact Representations of BL-Algebras.Antonio Di Nola & Laurentiu Leustean - 2003 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 42 (8):737-761.
    In this paper we define sheaf spaces of BL-algebras (or BL-sheaf spaces), we study completely regular and compact BL-sheaf spaces and compact representations of BL-algebras and, finally, we prove that the category of non-trivial BL-algebras is equivalent with the category of compact local BL-sheaf spaces.
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    Human Cloning and the Myth of Disenchantment.Laurentiu Staicu - 2012 - Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 11 (31):148-169.
    This study has a twofold objective: firstly, it aims to examine the main types of argument that have been formulated against human cloning, to identify their presuppositions and to evaluate their strength; secondly, it aims to argue that the most important objections against human cloning are philosophical and religious, in particular the objection that human cloning represents a radical form of disenchantment or an abuse of rationality. The birth of a cloned mammal, a sheep named Dolly, which was announced on (...)
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    Non-Commutative Łukasiewicz Propositional Logic.Ioana Leuştean - 2006 - Archive for Mathematical Logic 45 (2):191-213.
    The non-commutative counterpart of the well-known Łukasiewicz propositional logic is developed, in strong connection with the algebraic theory of psMV-algebras. An extension by a new unary logical connective is also considered and a stronger completeness result is proved for this system.
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    Algebra and Probability in Many-Valued Reasoning.Ioana Leuştean & Vincenzo Marra - 2010 - Studia Logica 94 (2):147-150.
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    A General View on Normal Form Theorems for Łukasiewicz Logic with Product.Ioana Leuştean & Serafina Lapenta - 2016 - In Peter Schuster & Dieter Probst (eds.), Concepts of Proof in Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science. De Gruyter. pp. 215-228.
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    Stadiul Dialogului Interreligios Si Perspectivele Sale in Ecumenismul European.Lucian N. Leustean - 2002 - Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 1 (2):23-48.
    The present ecumenical inter-religious dia- logue is more centered on the relationship between politics and traditional forms of reli- giosity expressed at societal level. It is obvi- ous that after the events of 11th September 2001 the next century will be more focused on cultural and religious dimensions than the last one. From this perspective I present in this paper the stage of inter-religious dia- logue from major Christian churches’ point of view and how churches understand their role within the (...)
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  7. Human Cloning and the Myth of Disenchantment.Staicu Laurențiu - 2012 - Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 11 (31):148-169.
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    En quête d'une identité.Simona Rota & Laurenţiu Vlad - 2007 - Cités 29 (1):170.
    En 1987, la Roumanie était officiellement invitée à participer à l’Exposition universelle de Séville, qui devait être organisée en 1992. Cependant, le régime communiste de Bucarest, qui, depuis son instauration, n’avait jamais donné cours à de pareilles invitations, n’eut aucune réaction. Après les événements de 1989, la question fut examinée par le nouveau gouvernement roumain,..
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    An Analysis of the Logic of Riesz Spaces with Strong Unit.Antonio Di Nola, Serafina Lapenta & Ioana Leuştean - 2018 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 169 (3):216-234.
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