Lauri Carlson [3]Laurie Winn Carlson [1]
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    Quantified Hintikka-style epistemic logic.Lauri Carlson - 1988 - Synthese 74 (2):223 - 262.
    This paper contains a formal treatment of the system of quantified epistemic logic sketched in Appendix II of Carlson (1983). Section 1 defines the syntax and recapitulates the model set rules and principles of the Appendix system. Section 2 defines a possible worlds semantics for this system, and shows that the Appendix system is complete with respect to this semantics. Section 3 extends the system by an explicit truth operatorT it is true that and considers quantification over nonexistent individuals. Section (...)
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    Logic for dialogue games.Lauri Carlson - 1994 - Synthese 99 (3):377 - 415.
    The purpose of this paper is to work toward an explicit logic and semantics for a game theoretically inspired theory of action. The purpose of the logic is to explicate the conceptual machinery implicit in the dialogue-game model of rational discourse developed in Carlson (1983).A variety of ideas and techniques of modal and philosophical logic are used to define a model structure that generalizes the game theoretical notion of a game in extensive form (von Neumann and Morgenstern, 1944). Relative to (...)
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    8. Questions of Identity in Discourse.Lauri Carlson - 1988 - In Michel Meyer (ed.), Questions and questioning. New York: W. de Gruyter. pp. 144.
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