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Lauri Lahikainen
University of Tampere
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    Negative expertise in conditions of manufactured ignorance: epistemic strategies, virtues and skills.Jaana Parviainen & Lauri Lahikainen - 2019 - Synthese 198 (4):3873-3891.
    This paper is motivated by the need to respond to the spread of influential misinformation and manufactured ignorance, which places pressure on the work of experts in various sectors. To meet this need, the paper discusses the conditions required for expert testimony to evolve a reconceptualisation of negative capability as a new form of epistemic humility. In this regard, professional knowledge formation is not considered to be separate from the institutional and social processes and values that uphold its production. Drawing (...)
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  2. Yhteiskuntarakenteet ja yksilön vastuu ilmastonmuutoksesta.Lauri Lahikainen - 2018 - Ajatus 75 (1):469-478.
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    Working the Biosphere in advance.Lauri Lahikainen & Tero Toivanen - forthcoming - Environmental Philosophy.
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    Working the Biosphere.Lauri Lahikainen & Tero Toivanen - 2019 - Environmental Philosophy 16 (2):359-378.
    Humans have arguably become a geological force that is changing the planet in profound and catastrophic ways. But what are the human practices that have such force? In this paper, we argue that work is exactly such a practice and that it is as workers that many of us are agents of global environmental change. When carbon dioxide is emitted or forests are cut down, someone is working. Yet we lack adequate descriptive and normative theories of work to understand how (...)
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