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    Position tracking and identity tracking are separate systems: Evidence from eye movements.Lauri Oksama & Jukka Hyönä - 2016 - Cognition 146 (C):393-409.
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    Angry faces are tracked more easily than neutral faces during multiple identity tracking.Jie Li, Lauri Oksama, Lauri Nummenmaa & Jukka Hyönä - 2017 - Cognition and Emotion 32 (3):464-479.
    We investigated whether and how emotional facial expressions affect sustained attention in face tracking. In a multiple-identity and object tracking paradigm, participants tracked multiple target faces that continuously moved around together with several distractor faces, and subsequently reported where each target face had moved to. The emotional expression of the target and distractor faces was manipulated. Tracking performance was better when the target faces were angry rather than neutral, whereas angry distractor faces did not affect tracking. The effect persisted when (...)
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    Model of Multiple Identity Tracking (MOMIT) 2.0: Resolving the serial vs. parallel controversy in tracking.Jie Li, Lauri Oksama & Jukka Hyönä - 2019 - Cognition 182 (C):260-274.
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