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    Seeing to Hear? Patterns of Gaze to Speaking Faces in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.Julia R. Irwin & Lawrence Brancazio - 2014 - Frontiers in Psychology 5.
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    Does Locus-Equation Linearity Really Matter in Consonant Perception?Lawrence Brancazio - 1998 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 21 (2):261-261.
    This commentary focuses on the claim that perceptual demands have caused the linearity exhibited by locus equations. I discuss results of an experiment demonstrating that, contrary to Sussman et al.'s claims, locus equations do not have relevance for the perception of stop consonants. I therefore argue against the plausibility of the orderly output constraint.
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    Merging Auditory and Visual Phonetic Information: A Critical Test for Feedback?Lawrence Brancazio & Carol A. Fowler - 2000 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 (3):327-328.
    The present description of the Merge model addresses only auditory, not audiovisual, speech perception. However, recent findings in the audiovisual domain are relevant to the model. We outline a test that we are conducting of the adequacy of Merge, modified to accept visual information about articulation.
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