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    Freedom, Blame, and Moral Community.Lawrence Stern - 1974 - Journal of Philosophy 71 (3):72-84.
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    Opportunity and Health Care: Criticisms and Suggestions.Lawrence Stern - 1983 - Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 8 (4):339-361.
    Norman Daniels' proposal to distribute health care on the basis of fair equality of opportunity is, in this writer's opinion, unworkable. His concepts of species-typical activity and normal opportunity range are unclear; so is the relationship between them. His view that justice accords disease a better claim on the health dollar than other causes of death, pain and disability, commits him unknowingly to the indefensible positions on particular sorts of health issues, such as the care of the aging and of (...)
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    Freedom and Love in Notes From Underground.Lawrence Stern - 1978 - Philosophy Research Archives 4:68-89.
    The narrator of the Notes is opposed to determinism, rationality, and socialism. He is also a severe neurotic. The solution to the neurosis, missed in personal life by the narrator, is love. But love also bears on the theoretical positions just discussed. For love is what the socialist programs lack. And love is incompatible with a calculating attitude toward personal relations. Dostoevsky and his narrator, while making a telling case against the over-calculated life, mistakenly identify calculation with rationality. Similarly, a (...)
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    Book Review:Self and Others. Jan Osterberg. [REVIEW]Lawrence Stern - 1991 - Ethics 101 (3):645-.
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    Gregory Harding 1956-1997.Lawrence Stern - 1998 - Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 71 (5):143 - 144.
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    Book Review:Having Love Affairs. Richard Taylor. [REVIEW]Lawrence Stern - 1987 - Ethics 98 (1):190-.