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    Technology and Political Education.Leah Bradshaw - 2005 - Techne 9 (1):8-26.
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    Technology and Political Education.Leah Bradshaw - 2005 - Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology 9 (1):8-26.
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    9. Love and Will in the Miracle of Birth: An Arendtian Critique of George Grant on Abortion.Leah Bradshaw - 1996 - In Arthur Davis (ed.), George Grant and the Subversion of Modernity: Art, Philosophy, Religion, Politics and Education. University of Toronto Press. pp. 220-242.
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    Matter and Form: From Natural Science to Political Philosophy.Douglas Al-Maini, Coleen Zoller, Mostafa Younesie, Michael Weinman, Ahmed Abdel Meguid, David Lewis Schaefer, Dwayne Raymond, Paul Ulrich, Leah Bradshaw, Juhana Lemetti, Ingrid Makus, Lee Ward, Leonard R. Sorenson & Steven Robinson - 2009 - Lexington Books.
    Matter and Form explores the relationship between natural science and political philosophy from the classical to contemporary eras, taking an interdisciplinary approach to the philosophic understanding of the structure and process of the natural world and its impact on the history of political philosophy. It illuminates the importance of philosophic reflection on material nature to moral and political theorizing, mediating between the sciences and humanities and making a contribution to ending the isolation between them.
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  5. Teaching in an Age of Ideology.Leah Bradshaw, Charles R. Embry, Molly Brigid Flynn, Bryan-Paul Frost, Lance M. Grigg, Michael Henry, Tim Hoye, Nalin Ranasinghe, Travis D. Smith & Michael Zuckert - 2012 - Lexington Books.
    This volume explores the role of some of the most prominent twentieth-century philosophers and political thinkers as teachers. It examines what obstacles they confronted as teachers and how they overcame them in conveying truth to their students in an age dominated by ideological thinking.
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  6. Citizenship and Multiculturalism in Western Liberal Democracies.David Edward Tabachnick & Leah Bradshaw (eds.) - 2017 - Lexington Books.
    Reflections on Citizenship and Multiculturalism in Contemporary Western Liberal Democracies explores the classical understanding of citizenship in dialogue with liberal contractual theorists and multicultural theorists in an effort to understand the complexity and diversity of perspectives on citizenship.
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