Lee Basham [5]Lee Anderson Basham [1]
  1. Social Science's Conspiracy Theory Panic: Now They Want to Cure Everyone.Lee Basham & Matthew Dentith - 2016 - Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective 5 (10):12-19.
    A response to a declaration in 'Le Monde', 'Luttons efficacement contre les théories du complot' by Gérald Bronner, Véronique Campion-Vincent, Sylvain Delouvée, Sebastian Dieguez, Karen Douglas, Nicolas Gauvrit, Anthony Lantian, and Pascal Wagner-Egger, published on June the 6th, 2016.
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    Malevolent Global Conspiracy.Lee Basham - 2003 - Journal of Social Philosophy 34 (1):91–103.
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    Living with the Conspiracy.Lee Basham - 2001 - Philosophical Forum 32 (3):265–280.
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    Why God Lied to Me: Salvationist Theism and Justice.Lee Basham - 2002 - Journal of Religious Ethics 30 (2):231 - 249.
    It is widely assumed that God is either incapable of lying to humans or utterly unwilling to do so. However, there appear to be compelling reasons for God to intentionally deceive that are rooted in the traditional conception of God as an agent of salvation for humanity. A terroristic threat like eternal damnation ("hell") illustrates these reasons. God's love for human beings as wayward members of a divine family in concert with the obvious moral and cognitive limitations many humans suffer (...)
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