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    Leena Kakkori & Rauno Huttunen (2010). The Sartre-Heidegger Controversy on Humanism and the Concept of Man in Education. Educational Philosophy and Theory 44 (4):351-365.
    Jean-Paul Sartre claims in his 1945 lecture ‘Existentialism is a Humanism’ that there are two kinds of existentialism: that of Christians like Karl Jaspers, and atheistic like Martin Heidegger. Sartre's ‘spiritual master’ Heidegger had no problem with Sartre defining him as an atheist, but he had serious problems with Sartre's concept of humanism and existentialism. Heidegger claims that the essence of humanism lies in the essence of the human being. After the Enlightenment, the Western concept of man has been presented (...)
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    Leena Kakkori (2013). Education and the Concept of Time. Educational Philosophy and Theory 45 (5):571-583.
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