1.  16
    Heyting Algebras: Duality Theory.Leo Esakia - 2019 - Cham, Switzerland: Springer Verlag.
    This book presents an English translation of a classic Russian text on duality theory for Heyting algebras. Written by Georgian mathematician Leo Esakia, the text proved popular among Russian-speaking logicians. This translation helps make the ideas accessible to a wider audience and pays tribute to an influential mind in mathematical logic. The book discusses the theory of Heyting algebras and closure algebras, as well as the corresponding intuitionistic and modal logics. The author introduces the key notion of a hybrid that (...)
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    Some Results on Modal Axiomatization and Definability for Topological Spaces.Guram Bezhanishvili, Leo Esakia & David Gabelaia - 2005 - Studia Logica 81 (3):325-355.
    We consider two topological interpretations of the modal diamond—as the closure operator (C-semantics) and as the derived set operator (d-semantics). We call the logics arising from these interpretations C-logics and d-logics, respectively. We axiomatize a number of subclasses of the class of nodec spaces with respect to both semantics, and characterize exactly which of these classes are modally definable. It is demonstrated that the d-semantics is more expressive than the C-semantics. In particular, we show that the d-logics of the six (...)
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  3.  45
    Intuitionistic logic and modality via topology.Leo Esakia - 2004 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 127 (1-3):155-170.
    In the pioneering article and two papers, written jointly with McKinsey, Tarski developed the so-called algebraic and topological frameworks for the Intuitionistic Logic and the Lewis modal system. In this paper, we present an outline of modern systems with a topological tinge. We consider topological interpretation of basic systems GL and G of the provability logic in terms of the Cantor derivative and the Hausdorff residue.
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  4.  28
    The modalized Heyting calculus: a conservative modal extension of the Intuitionistic Logic ★.Leo Esakia - 2006 - Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 16 (3-4):349-366.
    In this paper we define an augmentation mHC of the Heyting propositional calculus HC by a modal operator ?. This modalized Heyting calculus mHC is a weakening of the Proof-Intuitionistic Logic KM of Kuznetsov and Muravitsky. In Section 2 we present a short selection of attractive (algebraic, relational, topological and categorical) features of mHC. In Section 3 we establish some close connections between mHC and certain normal extension K4.Grz of the modal system K4. We define a translation of mHC into (...)
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  5.  33
    Around provability logic.Leo Esakia - 2010 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 161 (2):174-184.
    We present some results on algebraic and modal analysis of polynomial distortions of the standard provability predicate in Peano Arithmetic PA, and investigate three provability-like modal systems related to the Gödel–Löb modal system GL. We also present a short review of relational and topological semantics for these systems, and describe the dual category of algebraic models of our main modal system.
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  6.  17
    Scattered toposes.Leo Esakia, Mamuka Jibladze & Dito Pataraia - 2000 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 103 (1-3):97-107.
    A class of toposes is introduced and studied, suitable for semantical analysis of an extension of the Heyting predicate calculus admitting Gödel's provability interpretation.
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    Formulas of one propositional variable in intuitionistic logic with the Solovay modality.Leo Esakia & Revaz Grigolia - 2008 - Logic and Logical Philosophy 17 (1-2):111-127.
    A description of the free cyclic algebra over the variety of Solovay algebras, as well as over its pyramid locally finite subvarieties is given.
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  8.  67
    Fatal Heyting Algebras and Forcing Persistent Sentences.Leo Esakia & Benedikt Löwe - 2012 - Studia Logica 100 (1-2):163-173.
    Hamkins and Löwe proved that the modal logic of forcing is S4.2 . In this paper, we consider its modal companion, the intermediate logic KC and relate it to the fatal Heyting algebra H ZFC of forcing persistent sentences. This Heyting algebra is equationally generic for the class of fatal Heyting algebras. Motivated by these results, we further analyse the class of fatal Heyting algebras.
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  9. Particles and Ideas.Gabriel Moked, Peter J. Steinberger & Leo Esakia - 1990 - Studia Logica 49 (1):159-160.