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    Intersemiotic Translation of a Mobile Art Project to a Photographic Essay.Leticia Vitral, Daniella Aguiar & Joao Queiroz - 2016 - photographies 9 (1):91-107.
    VIA is a mobile art project (video-dance and computational music) semiotically translated to photographic media by means of formal constraints derived from selected properties of Rio de Janeiro’s predefined downtown routes. Under the constraints of street buildings and the morphology of the routes, questions regarding the influence of the bodily movements of the urban space led to the creation of a dance typology. This typology is related to pedestrians in the area and to the structure of the buildings spans where (...)
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    The Epistemic Role of Intermedial Visual Artworks: An Analysis of the Photobooks Palast der Republik_ and _Domesticidades.Leticia Vitral & João Queiroz - 2018 - Sign Systems Studies 46 (1):64-89.
    This paper presents, describes and analyses two photobooks: Palast der Republik and Domesticidades. We claim that, because of their highly iconic features, they can be regarded as epistemic artefacts since they reveal information about their objects, as well as about their own morphological properties. The analysis focuses on the kind of relations the photobooks establish with their respective objects and on the semiotic couplings that can be found in them – a type of interaction between semiotic resources. We contextualize this (...)
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