1.  4
    Liang-Hung Lin (2011). Cultural and Organizational Antecedents of Guanxi: The Chinese Cases. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 99 (3):441 - 451.
    Being different from the Western concept of "relationship," Chinese concept of "relationship," that is, guanxi profoundly influences Chinese society in commercial activities, business ethics, and organizational behaviors. Moreover, firms can develop their networks of guanxi to gain competitive advantages. Highlighting the cultural and organizational antecedents oí guanxi, namely Confucianism and organizational ethical climate, this study examines the influence of these two antecedents on guanxi and makes comparisons of guanxi, Confucianism and organizational ethical climate between Taiwan and Mainland China. The results (...)
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    Liang-Hung Lin, Yu-Ling Ho & Wei-Hsin Eugenia Lin (2013). Confucian and Taoist Work Values: An Exploratory Study of the Chinese Transformational Leadership Behavior. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 113 (1):91-103.
    When it comes to Chinese transformational leadership behavior, the focus seems to be Confucian work value; nonetheless, it represents only one of the Chinese traditions. In order to have a better understanding the relationship between Chinese traditional values and transformational leadership behavior, Taoist work value should also be taken into consideration. Thus, this study firstly develops Confucian and Taoist work value scale (study 1) and then applies this scale to examine its relationship with transformational leadership (study 2). The results show (...)
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    Liang-Hung Lin & Yu-Ling Ho (2010). Guanxi and OCB: The Chinese Cases. [REVIEW] Journal of Business Ethics 96 (2):285 - 298.
    Studies of human resource and crosscultural management are gaining greater attention in international markets. In response to this trend, for multinational enterprises, understanding of the culture and values of other countries as well as their organizational citizenship behavior (OCB), which focuses on members' positive interactions for better achievements in organization, has gained importance. This study aims to explore the effects of national culture and guanxi on the OCB in Chinese society including mainland China and Taiwan. The results reveal that national (...)
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