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Linda S. Scheirton [8]Linda Sue Scheirton [1]
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    Determinants of hospital ethics committee success.Linda S. Scheirton - 1992 - HEC Forum 4 (6):342-359.
    In December 1990, an empirical study assessing hospital ethics committee (HEC) success was completed. Success was measured in terms of the number of interventions undertaken by the committees in four functional areas: education, guidelines development, prospective and retrospective case review. Some commonly quoted success determinants, such as multidisciplinarity, physician chairpersons, and a high institutional status of the chairperson were found not to foster success; the latter two, actually decreased committee success.
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    Measuring Hospital Ethics Committee Success.Linda S. Scheirton - 1993 - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 2 (4):495.
    As hospital ethics committees become more common in American hospitals, their degree of success should be measured. Just as new technological procedures are evaluated, institutional innovations should also be evaluated. Currently, little is known about the success of HECs, and some authors have wondered whether these committees serve any useful purpose at all. This article reviews the descriptive results of a 1990 study on HEC success as they pertain to the question of how to measure committee success.
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    Error and patient safety: Ethical analysis of cases in occupational and physical therapy practice. [REVIEW]Linda S. Scheirton, K. Mu, H. Lohman & T. M. Cochran - 2007 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 10 (3):301-311.
    Compared to other health care professions such as medicine, nursing and pharmacy, few studies have been conducted to examine the nature of practice errors in occupational and physical therapy. In an ongoing study to determine root causes, typographies and impact of occupational and physical therapy error on patients, focus group interviews have been conducted across the United States. A substantial number of harmful practice errors and/or other patient safety events (deviations or accidents) have been identified. Often these events have had (...)
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    Better than physicians.Linda S. Scheirton - 1993 - Hastings Center Report 23 (1):2.
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    Proportionality and the view from below: Analysis of error disclosure. [REVIEW]Linda S. Scheirton - 2008 - HEC Forum 20 (3):215-241.
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    The leverage of the law: The increasing influence of law on healthcare ethics committees. [REVIEW]Linda S. Scheirton & Judith Lee Kissell - 2001 - HEC Forum 13 (1):1-12.
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    The autonomy of the health care provider: Advertising by health professionals.Linda S. Scheirton - 2001 - In H. Ten Have & Bert Gordijn (eds.), Bioethics in a European Perspective. Kluwer Academic Publishers. pp. 93--109.
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