1.  39
    The new holism: P4 systems medicine and the medicalization of health and life itself.Henrik Vogt, Bjørn Hofmann & Linn Getz - 2016 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 19 (2):307-323.
    The emerging concept of systems medicine (or ‘P4 medicine’—predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory) is at the vanguard of the post-genomic movement towards ‘precision medicine’. It is the medical application of systems biology, the biological study of wholes. Of particular interest, P4 systems medicine is currently promised as a revolutionary new biomedical approach that is holistic rather than reductionist. This article analyzes its concept of holism, both with regard to methods and conceptualization of health and disease. Rather than representing a medical (...)
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  2.  36
    Personalized medicine: evidence of normativity in its quantitative definition of health.Henrik Vogt, Bjørn Hofmann & Linn Getz - 2016 - Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 37 (5):401-416.
    Systems medicine, which is based on computational modelling of biological systems, is emerging as an increasingly prominent part of the personalized medicine movement. It is often promoted as ‘P4 medicine’. In this article, we test promises made by some of its proponents that systems medicine will be able to develop a scientific, quantitative metric for wellness that will eliminate the purported vagueness, ambiguity, and incompleteness—that is, normativity—of previous health definitions. We do so by examining the most concrete and relevant evidence (...)
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  3.  32
    Is the use of cholesterol in mortality risk algorithms in clinical guidelines valid? Ten years prospective data from the Norwegian HUNT 2 study.Halfdan Petursson, Johann A. Sigurdsson, Calle Bengtsson, Tom I. L. Nilsen & Linn Getz - 2012 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 18 (1):159-168.
  4.  24
    Can individuals with a significant risk for cardiovascular disease be adequately identified by combination of several risk factors? Modelling study based on the Norwegian HUNT 2 population.Halfdan Petursson, Linn Getz, Johann A. Sigurdsson & Irene Hetlevik - 2009 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 15 (1):103-109.
  5.  31
    Individualized population care: linking personal care to population care in general practice.Stephen Buetow, Linn Getz & Peter Adams - 2008 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 14 (5):761-766.
  6.  20
    Marginal public health gain of screening for colorectal cancer: modelling study, based on WHO and national databases in the Nordic countries.Johann A. Sigurdsson, Linn Getz, Göran Sjönell, Paula Vainiomäki & John Brodersen - 2013 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 19 (2):400-407.