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    Some Adaptive Logics for Diagnosis.Diderik Batens, Joke Meheus, Dagmar Provijn & Liza Verhoeven - 2003 - Logic and Logical Philosophy 11:39-65.
    A logic of diagnosis proceeds in terms of a set of data and one or more (prioritized) sets of expectancies. In this paper we generalize the logics of diagnosis from [27] and present some alternatives. The former operate on the premises and expectancies themselves, the latter on their consequences.
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    Explanatory Proofs in Mathematics.Erik Weber & Liza Verhoeven - 2002 - Logique Et Analyse 179:299-307.
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    Proof Theories for Some Prioritized Consequence Relations.Liza Verhoeven - 2003 - Logique Et Analyse 183 (184):325-344.
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    All premises are equal, but some are more equal than others.Liza Verhoeven - 2001 - Logique Et Analyse 173 (175):165-188.
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    Sieving out relevant and efficient questions.Kristof De Clercq & Liza Verhoeven - 2004 - Logique Et Analyse 185:189-216.
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    The Relevance of a Relevantly Assertable Disjunction for Material Implication.Liza Verhoeven - 2007 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 36 (3):339-366.
    In this paper Grice's requirements for assertability are imposed on the disjunction of Classical Logic. Defining material implication in terms of negation and disjunction supplemented by assertability conditions, results in the disappearance of the most important paradoxes of material implication. The resulting consequence relation displays a very strong resemblance to Schurz's conclusion-relevant consequence relation.
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  7. Sieving Out Relevant and Efficient Question.Kristof Clercq & Liza Verhoeven - 2004 - Logique Et Analyse 47.
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    Changing one's position in discussions- Some adaptive approaches.Liza Verhoeven - 2003 - Logic and Logical Philosophy 11:277-297.
    This paper contains different approaches to solve the problem how to construct the ultimate position out of one’s interventions in a discussion after possibly one or more position changes. In all approaches it is the aim to come as close as possible to human reasoning. Therefore all logics are adaptive logics. The first logic is an extension of an adaptive translation into S5 of the Rescher-Manor mechanisms. The second one is a dynamic proof theory based on a technique using indices. (...)
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    On the Exclusivity Implicature of ‘Or’ or on the Meaning of Eating Strawberries.Liza Verhoeven & Leon Horsten - 2005 - Studia Logica 81 (1):19-24.
    This paper is a contribution to the program of constructing formal representations of pragmatic aspects of human reasoning. We propose a formalization within the framework of Adaptive Logics of the exclusivity implicature governing the connective ‘or’.Keywords: exclusivity implicature, Adaptive Logics.
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  10. When some premises are more premise than others, the consequences are the real premises.Liza Verhoeven - forthcoming - Logique Et Analyse.
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  11. Dirk Batens, editorial note 3 Andrzej Wisniewski, questions and inferences 5 Diderik Batens, a general characterization of adaptive logics. 45 Mariusz Urbanski, synthetic tableaux and erotetic search scenarios: Extension and extraction 69. [REVIEW]Liza Verhoeven, All Premises Are Equal, But Some Are More, Erik Weber, Maarten van Dyck & Adaptive Logic - 2001 - Logique Et Analyse 44:1.