1. Wittgenstein and the Ontology of the Social : Some Kripkean Reflections on Bourdieu's "Theory of Practice".Lorenzo Bernasconi-Kohn - 2007 - In Clive Lawson, John Latsis & Nuno Martins (eds.), Contributions to Social Ontology. Routledge.
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    How Not to Think About Rules and Rule Following: A Response to Stueber.Lorenzo Bernasconi-Kohn - 2006 - Philosophy of the Social Sciences 36 (1):86-94.
    This article offers a critique of Karsten Stueber’s account of rule following as presented in his article "How to Think about Rules and Rule Following." The task Stueber sets himself is of defending the idea that human practices are bound and guided by rules (both causally and normatively) while avoiding the discredited "cognitive model of rule following." This article argues that Stueber’s proposal is unconvincing because it falls foul of the very problems it sets out to avoid. Stueber’s defense of (...)
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    Boland, Lawrence A.,“On Reviewing Machine Dreams: Zoomed-in Versus Zoomed-Out”[Review Essay], 478. Campbell, Scott, and Greg Currie,“Against Beck: In Defence of Risk Analysis,” 149. Collard, David,“Research on Well-Being: Some Advice From Jeremy Bentham,” 330. Currie, G., See Campbell. [REVIEW]Joseph Agassi, Anna Alexandrova, F. C. C. Spectrum Auctions & Lorenzo Bernasconi-Kohn - 2005 - Philosophy of the Social Sciences 173.
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