1.  11
    Universal Computably Enumerable Equivalence Relations.Uri Andrews, Steffen Lempp, Joseph S. Miller, Keng Meng Ng, Luca San Mauro & Andrea Sorbi - 2014 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 79 (1):60-88.
  2.  26
    Trial and Error Mathematics I: Dialectical and Quasidialectical Systems.Jacopo Amidei, Duccio Pianigiani, Luca San Mauro, Giulia Simi & Andrea Sorbi - 2016 - Review of Symbolic Logic 9 (2):299-324.
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    Degrees of Bi-Embeddable Categoricity of Equivalence Structures.Nikolay Bazhenov, Ekaterina Fokina, Dino Rossegger & Luca San Mauro - forthcoming - Archive for Mathematical Logic:1-21.
    We study the algorithmic complexity of embeddings between bi-embeddable equivalence structures. We define the notions of computable bi-embeddable categoricity, \ bi-embeddable categoricity, and degrees of bi-embeddable categoricity. These notions mirror the classical notions used to study the complexity of isomorphisms between structures. We show that the notions of \ bi-embeddable categoricity and relative \ bi-embeddable categoricity coincide for equivalence structures for \. We also prove that computable equivalence structures have degree of bi-embeddable categoricity \, or \. We furthermore obtain results (...)
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