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  1. Lucas Thorpe (2011). Kant on the Relationship Between Autonomy and Community. In Lucas Thorpe & Charlton Payne (eds.), Kant and The Concept of Community. A North American Kant Society Volume: Rochester University Press.
  2. Lucas Thorpe (2015). Sayyid Qutb and Aquinas: Liberalism, Natural Law and the Philosophy of Jihad. Heythrop Journal 57 (6).
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  4. Lucas Thorpe (2010). Is Kant's Realm of Ends a Unum Per Se? Aquinas, Suárez, Leibniz and Kant on Composition. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 18 (3):461-485.
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    Lucas Thorpe (2015). Sayyid Qutb and Aquinas: Liberalism, Natural Law and the Philosophy of Jihad. Heythrop Journal 58 (1).
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    Charlton Payne & Lucas Thorpe (eds.) (2011). Kant and the Concept of Community. University of Rochester Press.
    An interdisciplanary collection of essays focused on Kant's work on the concept of community.
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    Lucas Thorpe (2011). The Realm of Ends as a Community of Spirits: Kant and Swedenborg on the Kingdom of Heaven and the Cleansing of the Doors of Perception. Heythrop Journal 52 (1):52-75.
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    Lucas Thorpe (2006). The Point of Studying Ethics According to Kant. Journal of Value Inquiry 40 (4):461-474.
  9. Lucas Thorpe (2003). Kant's Moral Idealism: The Logical Basis and Metaphysical Origin of the Ideas of Community and Autonomy. Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania
    This thesis examines the theoretical foundations of Kant's moral philosophy. I argue that Kant's moral ideal of a kingdom of ends is to be identified with the theoretical idea of a community, and that this idea can be traced back to the category of community introduced in his table of categories. In particular I argue that, for the mature Kant, the only application of the theoretical idea of community is the moral idea of a kingdom of ends, the only way (...)
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    Lucas Thorpe (2014). The Kant Dictionary. Bloomsbury Academic.